Organization of Resident Units

Maxville Manor Floor PlanAs you walk through the front door into Town Square at Maxville Manor, you will feel the friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Our home is divided into three units of two wings stemming from Town Square.

The wings are named:

  • Glengarry
  • Prescott
  • Stormont
  • Osie F. Villeneuve
  • Roxborough
  • Kenyon

There are 120 Long Term Care beds as well as 2 respite beds.
( see Floor plan)

Each unit has a team Leader (registered nurse or registered practical nurse) and four Personal Support workers. There is a Care Coordinator (RN), on the day shift and a Care Coordinator (RN) on the evening shift. Each wing has a separate dining room except for Prescott and Osie F. Villeneuve Wings that share a dining room. Each unit also has a kitchenette which is served from the main kitchen. Snacks are served every afternoon and evening (fruits, cookies, juice, etc.).There is a TV lounge in each unit. In town square, there is a coffee shop where Residents can get coffee, tea, snacks etc. Ice water is served to each room every day.

Each room is furnished with a bed and a three drawer dresser. There is a call bell accessible from each room and washroom.

We encourage Residents to personalize their room with pictures and small items from home. Kettles and candles are not permitted in Resident rooms.

The Special Care Unit consists of Glengarry and Stormont Wings, and is dedicated to the care of Residents with cognitive impairment who need the protection of a secure and stable environment. The unit is designed to reduce the amount of environmental stimuli. This unit is designed to allow wandering within a secure indoor space and garden.

Family members and significant others are included in the care planning for Residents and are given support as required in dealing with a Resident’s behaviour. Families are encouraged to visit frequently and to take Residents out of the unit as deemed beneficial for the Resident.