Tours and Other Amenities

Maxville Manor Entrance

Site Tours

Please contact us at 613-527-2170 ext. 234 to arrange a tour.

Other Amenities

Air Conditioning
Resident areas, which are air conditioned, include Town Square (center block) and the dining rooms. Please help to keep these areas cool by keeping the doors and windows closed during the warm weather. Individual Residents rooms are not air conditioned, but Residents are welcomed to install window air conditioners in their rooms at a monthly cost.

Town Square Café
Coffee Shop
Residents may get in-between meals, refreshments and snacks at the Coffee shop. Visitors and family members are welcome to join Residents for meals in Town Square. There is a charge for this and we appreciate some short advance notice.

Corner Store
Residents may shop at the Corner Store in Town Square. Volunteers look after the Corner Store every day from 2 to 4 p.m. except Sundays and holidays. You may pay cash or charge your purchase on your account. MAxville Manor - Store

Fax & Internet
Maxville Manor has a fax machine at the Business Office. Maxville Manor’s fax number is 613-527-3103. There will be a charge for sending long distance faxing. Fax messages addressed to Residents will be forwarded to Residents via the in-house mail delivery. Mail from the post office is delivered to each Resident before noon Monday to Friday.

Maxville Manor, LibraryVolunteer assistance can be arranged by the Director of Outreach and Volunteer Services to assist Residents with the internet, email use and computer basics. A small number of email addresses are available for Residents use.

Library Service
Our library service is offered twice a month on every 2nd Tuesday. The various sitting rooms have many books available. In addition, the Seaway Valley Library supplies us with other books or they can arrange for special book requests. Large print and talking books are also available.

Newspaper Subsciptions
You may arrange for the delivery of newspapers to your room.

Each Resident may arrange with Bell Canada to bring a personal telephone. A telephone jack is available at each bedside in all areas except Special Care. Arrangements for monthly billing are made directly with Bell Canada. Maxville Manor cannot be held responsible for initiating or closing a contract with Bell Canada on behalf of a Resident or ensuring bills are paid. Personal telephone numbers are recorded at the Front Office for easy reference. At no time can Maxville Manor interrupt a Resident’s personal line.

We encourage you to have a private phone installed in your room. Incoming calls from a Maxville Manor phone line are transferred to the unit in which the Resident resides.

There are a number of televisions, many with companion VCR units, for the use of Residents in designated lounges throughout Maxville Manor. Residents wishing a television in their room may do so at their expense as space is available. Arrangement for the connection, transfer and termination of cable are to be made at the Front Office.