Long Term Care Services

Family Appreciation Audio Clip:
Listen to a Voice Message from a Resident's Family Member


“If you have to go somewhere, Maxville Manor is the place to go.”
B.S, Maxville Manor Resident’s Family Member

“Maxville Manor is set in a peaceful rural setting. The staff are very professional and caring.”
D.A, Maxville Manor Resident

“Beauty is very important to me and Maxville Manor is designed beautifully. Also the staff are known far and wide for their caring ways.”
D.A, Maxville Manor Resident

“When the time arrived when it was necessary for my Mother to move into an extended care facility, the Maxville Manor was where we agreed she would be the happiest.  Having had previous experience with the Manor, we were confident in the care she would receive.

Mom’s room, which she now refers to as home, is quite large and bright, with a nice big window where she sits and looks out at the birds and squirrels.

She also enjoys the activities and entertainment, especially the music.

The facility itself is very bright and open and has a homey feel.  The grounds are beautiful and well maintained with several pathways and sitting areas.

The staff are very competent and caring.  They have immense patience and understanding and are just great people.

I have never once questioned our decision.”
J. A. MD