Care and Services Offered

MM - Residents Handbook - 2021 Edition 1
Dental Care Housekeeping and Laundry Optometry Services Recreation Services
Financial Services Medical Care Pastoral Services Support Services
Environmental Services Nursing Care Pharmacy Services Therapy Services
Hairdressing & Barber Services Nutritional Services Podiatry Volunteer Services

Maxville Manor Entrance

Dental Care

Maxville Manor has contracted with the Outreach Dental Group to provide on-site dental services for Maxville Manor Residents. Services include oral health assessments, cleaning, restorative work and personal identification of dentures. The Outreach Dental Group will contact the Resident and/or family directly regarding fees to deliver treatment. Residents have the choice of utilizing the Outreach Dental Group services or a dentist of their choice in the community for their dental health needs.

Environmental Services

All electrical, plumbing, heating maintenance and other maintenance problems, should be reported to the nurse in charge as they are noticed. The Director of Environmental Service will take care of the problem as soon as possible. Resident electrical appliances must be CSA approved.

Each Resident has a personal trust account at the front Business Office. It is recommended that jewelry and valuable papers are stored off- site. We encourage Residents to keep small amounts of cash only.

All Resident exit doors, the front entrance, stair case and entries to all service corridor passageways have a key pad mounted on the wall beside them. Entering the correct code into the key pad disables the door magnet for 5 seconds, allowing entry/exit.
The inner front doors are locked nightly. A “night” buzzer located in the vestibule at the front entrance is available to signal the nursing station.

Maxville Manor is a smoke-free facility.
Resident’s may smoke at the bench area just west of the front entrance area( not including the terrace), where marked.
Staff and visitors are allowed to smoke adjacent to the staff patio as marked.

Fire Safety
All rooms have smoke detectors and fire sprinkler heads. There are fire extinguishers located throughout the building including the kitchenettes.

Monthly fire drills are held at different times of the day. Everyone is asked to participate and treat the drill as if it were an actual fire.

Financial Services

Room rates and Resident Contract
Upon admission, the Business Office provides the Resident and Family member with a copy of the Resident Admission Contract. The Resident/Family is asked to meet with the Business Office to discuss the contract and the room rate that the Resident will be paying.

If the Resident is requesting a subsidized rate, he/she will be asked to bring in a copy of their previous year’s income tax assessment notice.

Subsidized Residents
Residents who require subsidization may be entitled to financial assistance from one or more government programs. The Business Office can assist the Resident in applying for any benefits to which they are entitled. All those aged 65 and older are entitled to Old Age Security (OAS). Additional benefits include: Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement Annual (GAINS) – Provincial and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)- Federal.

When a Resident rate is subsidized, the government ensures the availability of a monthly Comfort Allowance. (Approximately $122/month).

Trust Allowance
Maxville Manor provides a Trust Account service to allow Residents access to spending money without keeping a large amount of cash in the room and to simplify the bill-paying process for any uninsured medical expenses, hairdresser, cable, telephone, pharmacy costs.

The Resident or Family member may decide to have bills forwarded directly to the Business Office for payment from the Resident’s Trust Account. This service can be arranged upon admission.

Bills for Residents who do not choose to open a Trust Account are sent directly to the Resident or to the Power of Attorney (POA) for financial matters.

Pharmacy Charges
The government has a system of co-payment for drugs covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. When living in a facility such as Maxville Manor, the co-payment is $2 for each new or renewed prescription. This co-payment is billed monthly. This bill is sent directly to the Resident or POA.

If the physician orders a medication that is not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, the Resident must pay the full cost of the medication. Maxville Manor strives to ensure that most medications are covered by ODBP.


Hair Dressing Salon at Maxville ManorHairdressing and Barber Services

A hairstylist is available for shampoos, sets, cuts and permanents. The Hairdressing salon is open Monday to Friday. You may make an appointment directly or through the nursing station in your area.

Please note that the costs for these services will be charged to your account.


Housekeeping and Laundry

Regular housekeeping is provided to ensure Maxville Manor is maintained in a clean and presentable way for Residents, staff and visitors. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned every day.

Personal laundry is done by staff daily. We recommend wash and wear clothing. On admission ,staff mark Resident’s clothing for identification purposes. Newly purchased clothing should be brought to the laundry room to be marked. Dry cleaning services and clothing repair are available upon request.

Maxville Manor provides all bed linens, pillows and towels.

Medical Care

Maxville Manor retains a Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner who oversees the medical care of all Residents.

Residents may continue to have their personal physicians provide care to them in the facility. These physicians will be expected to meet the standards and criteria for attending physicians (e.g. attend at Maxville Manor). An annual examination by the Home physician or attending physician is required in order to fulfill the regulations of Provincial legislation under which the Home operates.

Nursing Care

Maxville Manor - Therapy Care & ServicesThere are registered nurses (RN’s), registered practical nurses (RPN’s) and PSW’s (Personal Support Workers) in the Home on a 24 hour basis. The Nursing department adheres to the following philosophy of care:

  • Respect for the uniqueness of each Resident
  • Promotion of function and independence of each Resident.
  • Assistance to master their environment.
  • Practice of nursing and personal care based on specific and evolving knowledge of ageing and long term care.
  • Emphasis on sustaining interpersonal relationships.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the rights and responsibilities of Residents.
  • Application of the nursing process.

Nursing staff identify individual strengths and work with the Resident to enhance or maintain these strengths. Comfort and safety are a major concern and the nursing staff wishes to create an environment that provides the opportunity for privacy, dignity and maintenance of personal lifestyle.

Nutritional Services

Maxville Manor - LTC, Dining RoomAll meals are provided and prepared at Maxville Manor and served in the unit dining rooms. There are choices available at every meal. A nourishment / beverage service is available daily in between meals.

Maxville Manor has a Registered Dietitian whose role consists of evaluating Residents nutritional needs and then in collaboration with the Director of Dietary Services, providing a well-balanced meal plan.

Visitors are welcome at the Town Square coffee shop where meals can be purchased at a reasonable price. Hours and pricing are posted.

Dietary services are able to (with proper notice and available space) offer catering services to Residents and their families. Please contact the Director of Dietary Services for more information.

Optometry Services

Maxville Manor has arranged with an optometrist to provide on-site optometry services. The optometrist will visit when ten or more Residents are in need of visual care services. Services include eye exams and prescription eye glass service. Eye exams are billed through OHIP. Eyeglass costs are the responsibility of the Resident/family and prescription recommendations including consultation and billing arrangements are handled directly by the optometrist’s office. Residents have the choice of utilizing the on-site optometrist or an optometrist of their choice in the community for their visual care needs.

Paid Companion Service:

Families may hire a paid companion to provide additional company and engage in supported programs. This service is provided at a reasonable hourly rate. For more information contact the Maxville Manor, LTC, Chapelnurse in charge.

Pastoral Services

There are spiritual and religious care programs to respond to the needs and interests of Residents. Regular worship services are held and Residents may attend regardless of denomination. Arrangements are made according to Resident’s wishes and for counseling and one to one visitations. The worship services held at Maxville Manor are under the leadership of the local church clergy.

Pharmacy Services

Residents of Maxville Manor are provided with comprehensive pharmacy services by Medical Arts Pharmacy in Cornwall, Ontario.


Residents have access to foot care services provided by registered professional staff trained in foot care. Foot care service is provided on referral, approximately every six weeks.

Recreation  Services

Maxville Manor, Recreation Room, LTC
The recreation department employs qualified staff to plan, implement and evaluate activities that maintain or improve Resident’s social, intellectual, emotional, physical abilities and spiritual needs through a variety of recreational opportunities.

Programming is available 7 days a week. We offer individual, small and large group activities. Residents are provided with opportunities to participate in the community. Residents are involved in the planning process of activities.

Recreation Calendars are posted in each area of the facility depicting the date, time, location and activities offered for the month.

Maxville Manor, Day Centre


A list of our activities includes:

  • Library service
  • Ice cream parlour
  • Diner’s Club
  • Baking Group
  • Golf
  • Church Service
  • Nail Care
  • Entertainers
  • Outings
  • Crafts


Support Services

Resident’s Council
Is a group of Residents who meet on a regular basis to provide support, share experiences and seek solutions to common problems to improve the quality of life of Residents.

The Maxville Manor Residents’ Council meets on a monthly basis.

Information on our Residents’ Council can be found on their communication board beside the hair salon.

Contact: Dina Murray MacDonald, Director of Recreation Services

Therapy Services

Maxville Manor - Therapy Care ServicesMaxville Manor offers therapeutic programs to Residents, all designed and supervised by a licensed or certified therapist.

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy services are contracted through Arvan Rehab Group. The Physiotherapist visits weekly. He does an admission assessment and sets up a program on order of the physician. The program is carried out by Physiotherapist Assistants daily. Physical therapy assists the Resident in regaining functional mobility.  It also encourages Residents to remain physically fit and help prevent injuries.
  • Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy services are offered through the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre).  The OT at Maxville Manor can assess Residents for seating and mobility needs, self-care enhancement capabilities and provide advice and training on safe transferring and positioning techniques.
  • Wound Care and Stoma Care Services: Wound care and stoma care services are offered by registered staff of Maxville Manor under the direction of physicians and/or the services of enterstomal therapists (ETRN).
  • Oxygen Therapy: Residents who meet the Ministry of Health and LTC criteria for oxygen therapy funding will have their oxygen funded through one of two programs. Maxville Manor contracts with community home oxygen providers to supply oxygen, oxygen equipment and services. A registered respiratory therapist (RRCP) or registered nurse provides assessment and follow-up as part of this service. The outcome for Residents receiving oxygen therapy is an improvement in their quality of life manifested by an increase in the ability to cope with activities of daily living, reduced hospitalizations and improved neurological functioning.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services enhance the care and service provided to Residents of Maxville Manor. Volunteers are an invaluable link and are committed to helping Residents meet their needs and promote their quality of life. Have a look at Volunteer Opportunities that are available.