Admission Procedures

How to Apply for Admission
Admission and application to Maxville Manor is controlled by Home and Community Support Services.
Contact: Home and Community Support Services (LHIN) 613-745-5525.

Prior to applying for admission to the Manor, it is a good idea to have a tour of the Manor. This can be arranged with our Executive Assistant at 613-527-2170 ext. 234 or

Waiting time varies considerably and is not under the control of the Manor. You should contact Home and Community Support Services for information about your place on the waiting list.

Decide what to bring:
You may bring personal items such as: special photos (we will hang them on the wall for you),a small comfortable chair, a favorite bedspread (which will add a personal touch).

Bring an adequate supply of comfortable wash and wear clothing.

On the day of admission, please bring ALL your medications that you take. It is important that you continue to receive them and it is important for the nursing staff to know what pills you are taking.

Decide which family member is to be the main contact person:
It is important to have the name of one family member (or significant friend) whom we can contact for information or questions, or in case of an emergency. This person may be the Power of Attorney for Personal Care. A “Power of Attorney for Personal Care”, is signed by the Resident when he/she is competent to sign legal documents. It states who should make the decisions for the Resident when he/she are unable to make a decision. We encourage all new Residents to provide this document on admission.

First few days after admission:
The day of admission can be very busy and emotional. The new Resident and family are greeted by Staff who will take them to their room and give them a tour of the unit.

In the next few hours, the Resident and family will have a chance to settle in the room, and meet the staff on the unit. Housekeeping staff will come and collect the clothing to be marked for laundering.

Care Conferences:
A Care Conference is a multidisciplinary meeting held within six weeks of admission and annually. Staff will contact the Resident and family to arrange a date and time for the conference. The Care Conference is an opportunity for the staff to learn more about the Resident’s needs and preferences and is an opportunity to address any concerns the Resident may have.