Life-Lease Concept Explained

Glen Garden Village, Maintenance Free LivingThe Life-Lease Concept is an innovative way of turning your equity that you have built up over the years into a worry-free living arrangement. The concept has proven to be very popular in Western Ontario, Saskatchewan, the United States and Europe. It was introduced to Eastern Ontario in 1989, and has proven to be an exceptional retirement option.

The Life-Lease Concept is like prepaid rent; and has considerable financial advantages over traditional renting situations, especially when one considers the current low rate of return on income annuities.

The Guaranteed Refund

The Guaranteed Refund has been designed to offer complete peace of mind for the individual who is looking for stability and security.

The apartment unit is leased over a 21 year period, offering the greatest possible value. Your investment is refundable at any time, on a decreasing scale over the term of the lease. At the end of the term, over 20% of your investment is refundable, guaranteed by Maxville Manor, thus eliminating the headaches of financial planning and letting you get on with the job of living!