Kellie Pickett

My family (Chisholm) has been in Glengarry for almost 200 years, living on the same property in Lochiel since we left Scotland in 1817. This area is our home, our community, and we want it to continue to thrive and prosper. I don’t own a business but economic stability and growth is important to me so I joined the Maxville & District Chamber of Commerce eight years ago. I happily represent the Chamber on the Maxville Manor Board of Directors and the Maxville Manor Foundation Board.

The Maxville Manor is vital to our community – a large local employer to be sure but also as a wonderful and safe home for our seniors. It is my pleasure to serve it.

I currently work at CARE Canada in Ottawa as Manager, Leadership Giving and Stewardship. I could move there and save myself a commute every day .. but why would I leave my home?

Work Experience

  • 16 years, film business, production management, Toronto
  • 2 years, event fundraising, Canadian Cancer Society, Cornwall
  • 4 years, foundations and individuals fundraising, Canadian Diabetes Association, Ottawa
  • 4 years, foundations and individuals fundraising, CARE Canada, Ottawa


  • Journalism, Ryerson University, Toronto
  • Project Management, Cornell University, Ithaca