Dora Bill

Dora Bill

As a Maxville Manor Board Member since 2008  I am representing Maxville- Moose Creek United Church.

Since my family and I immigrated from Switzerland to Canada in 1979 I have been a active member of this Church. During this time I was on various committees such as:  Board of Steward, Ministry of Personal -and  Worship committee . At the present time I am in my second term of Session and I am a active UCW  member.

I am interested in our rural community ,especially our Seniors at Maxville Manor. For six Years I was a volunteer of the decorating committee. In 2014  I participated in a course given through Maxville Manor for Palliative care.

I am educated in Agriculture- Home Economies and received a diploma through the Swiss Government.



Dora Bill
18387 County Rd.22
Maxville ON
K0C 1T0