Board of Directors & Leadership

  • Ivan Coleman
  • Gordon White
  • Linda Fraser
  • Andrew Arkinstall
  • Don McKay
  • Olga Ferrier
  • Scott Graham
  • Roxane Villeneuve
  • Jacques Massie
  • Ken Wilkes

Secretary/Treasurer (non-voting) – Amy Porteous

Our Pioneers

  • Joan Siwik
  • Ron McCrory
  • Gordon Winter


Amy Porteous

Chief Executive Officer

Phyllis Burtenshaw Lalonde

Director Outreach & Volunteer Services

Kelly Keeler

Director of Care

David Rhodes

Director of Food Services

Dina Murray-MacDonald

Activity Director

Kevin Adams

Director of Facilities

Michelle Wilson

Director of Staff Development

Lise Bray

Director of Housekeeping and Laundry